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Dental Implants in Ashburn

Have you invested in restorative dentistry? Are you suffering from pain or decay in your mouth, and you aren’t sure which procedures are right for you? If you live in the Ashburn area, and have previous tooth implant problems, Dr. Tracey Nguyen can assist you in deciding on your dental implant options. At Lansdowne Dental Care, we can help you discover the types of dental implants that will fit best in your mouth.

The dental implants procedure is an important treatment option for restoring functionality in your mouth. If you are suffering from tooth loss or decay, it can start to wear down the bones in your jawline. The lack of bone mass will make it difficult for you to chew, swallow, speak, and use your mouth naturally. This can cause some serious health hazards and hinder your overall well-being. By investing in dental implants, you are making a life-changing decision.

Why Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are integral to the functionality of your mouth and face. They are highly recommended by the American Dental Association due to their high success rate and the way they function naturally in your mouth.

With other alternative restorative methods, such as dentures or crowns, you may feel like they aren’t fitting well in your mouth. They do not mold well to the natural shape of your mouth, and they tend to slip or fall out after a certain amount of time. Dental implants resolve those issues with a sturdy implant that will last forever. Plus, it looks, feels, and functions like a natural set of teeth.

Our dentists at Lansdowne Dental Care in Ashburn highly recommend this procedure for those who are suffering with the following oral health issues:

  • Bone decay in the mouth
  • Missing or gapped teeth
  • Decayed or broken teeth
  • Major damage on one side of the mouth

While dental implants may not be for everyone, they are certainly a life-changing procedure for those who have suffered some serious damage. You should contact our dentists if you are interested in learning more about whether dental implants are right for you.

How Are Dental Implants Done?

Dental implants require a few necessary procedures, including anesthesia and oral surgery. Dr. Tracey Nguyen will assess the issues in your mouth in order to determine what type of dental implants will work best for you.

While there are several steps involved in the dental implants procedure, the benefits are far worth it. Our professional restorative dentistry experts at Lansdowne Dental Care are here to assist you every step of the way, and we will guide you through the expectations with gentle and informative explanations.

During the preparatory phase, your dentist will make a mold of the area where the implants will sit. A variety of pre-op procedures may take place, such as bone grafting or a root canal (if necessary). Afterward, you will be scheduled for the operation.

During the operation, you will be placed under anesthesia for a short amount of time. One of our oral surgeons will then plant titanium posts in the missing spaces in your mouth, where the implants will be screwed in. These titanium posts are designed to last a lifetime, and will not cause your gums to react poorly. Our Ashburn procedure will typically include the installation of the implants themselves during the same surgery. In some cases, you will have to wait for your mouth to recover from the posts before the implants are screwed in.

You should expect a few months to recover from the surgery. Afterward, your mouth will feel restored and renewed. You will soon start to feel like you can bite, chew, and speak naturally again. Your face will be lifted, and your smile will be beautified.

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

There may be some pain and swelling involved during the post-operation process. As a reaction to the metal posts, your mouth will swell up and be painful to the touch. Our doctors will prescribe you an appropriate pain medication, as well as advise you on proper aftercare tips to keep your mouth healthy during this sensitive time.

It takes several months to fully recover from the implants procedure, but the pain and swelling should only last a couple of weeks. If you experience persistent pain, swelling, or even infection, be sure to contact us at Lansdowne Dental Care right away.

It is unlikely that any complications will occur, but you should expect to be sensitive to hot and cold foods for a few months. Dr. Tracey Nguyen will teach you how you can brush and clean the area of your mouth to ensure that the implants do not infect you.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

According to the IDIA, dental implants have incredible chances of success. In fact, dental implants have the highest success rate out of all restorative dentistry procedures. Over 98% of all implants operations are completely successful.

As an award-winning dentist, Dr. Tracey Nguyen is qualified to deliver the highest-grade procedures available. Your dental implants surgery will be as efficient and as comfortable as possible and our staff gives a level of concern and care in the Ashburn area and beyond.

Dental implants last a lifetime. They do not break or require repair over time, unlike crowns or dentures. You can keep your natural-feeling implants for the rest of your life, as you enjoy restored functionality and a natural look to your face.

When Dental Implants Are Necessary

Dental implants may be necessary if the damage or decay in your mouth is so great that other restorative procedures, such as bridges or crowns, will not quite do the trick. People who are losing the functionality in your mouth are great candidates for dental implants.

Over time, the gaps caused by missing teeth can widen and cause damage to existing teeth in the surrounding area. You are also subject to lose bone mass, which can cause other dangerous complications in the mouth as well.

If you are having trouble eating, and if parts of your face are sagging or malformed due to damaged teeth, it may be time to invest in dental implants.

Our Dental Implants Professionals are Here to Help!

If you feel that you may be a good candidate for dental implants, our Ashburn dentists at Lansdowne Dental Care are here to help. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Tracey Nguyen, we encourage you to contact our office at any time. You can visit our website for more information, or you can give us a call at (703) 723-7810. We look forward to improving your smile and your oral health!

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