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Dentures are a very familiar solution for those who have lost several adult teeth (or an entire set of them). At Lansdowne Dental Care, we can provide our patients with a variety of solutions that emphasize or incorporate dentures. Naturally, the first step is to meet with a dentist and discover if dentures are a good solution to your needs, or if perhaps implants might be even better. Interestingly enough, many patients use a combination of solutions whether due to tooth implant problems or other issues, and the different types of dental implants can combine with dentures for optimal results.

Different Options for Dentures

Finding the ideal solution to your needs begins with a full assessment of your current oral health. There are a few issues that can disqualify someone from receiving dental implants (including habits like smoking as well as some oral and general health issues). Drs. Tracey Nguyen, Steven Frames and the team at Lansdowne Dental Care can only offer you the best range of choices once we understand everything about you.

Some patients come to seek restorative dentistry solutions and learn that dentures or a combination of dentures and implants is the ideal answer. Some are eager to improve the look as well as the function of their smile, and speak with the Lansdowne Dental Care team about cosmetic dentistry solutions. Regardless of precisely why you visit, the outcome is that you have a fully restored, esthetically appealing and functional set of teeth and gums when treatment is complete.

Are You a Candidate for Dentures?

If you are a good candidate for dental implants, we might recommend that you utilize a sort of hybridized solution that combines both dentures and implants. After all, many people will use implant supported bridges, and it is possible to get a wide array of similar combinations from the team at Lansdowne Dental Care.

For example, we offer complete dentures with milled bar attachments that combine the strength and stability of implants with the affordability and effectiveness of dentures. The same can be said of complete dentures with two or four locator attachments. There are also removable partials that might include implants.

Naturally, there are also complete dentures that stand alone and which are custom fitted to your mouth and bite.

Basic Dentures

If you are curious to discover the basic options for dentures in Lansdowne, they typically include full and partial dentures. As you can guess, the full dentures replace an entire set of upper or lower teeth while the partials are made to replace a series or incomplete set of teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

They are all made to work with your existing teeth and bite, as the goal is to restore the mouth to the fullest function possible.

Standard dentures are removable, and may be taken out to eat, drink, sleep or perform oral hygiene. They often need to be replaced every seven to ten years because of changes in your jaws and gums. These changes are triggered by the loss of the teeth. Drs. Nguyen and Frames will explain how the loss of roots of the teeth can cause your jaw bone to recede and gums to shrink, and how this can alter the fit and function of even the finest dentures.

It is why they will suggest you consider the hybrid versions. This is because the use of even one or two titanium posts (which are the base of any dental implant) can alleviate the bone and gum loss that leads to shrinkage and denture replacement. After all, when you replace the roots with the posts, you reduce or eliminate the risks of bone loss, and this is a great reason to consider implants whenever possible.

Regardless of the types of dentures you require, you should know that they are typically made by a lab of a flesh colored acrylic, and the durable and realistic looking porcelain teeth are strongly bonded to the acrylic. Unfortunately, they do not have the same strength or stability as natural teeth, though they do restore your appearance to normal, enable you to speak more clearly and improve your diet.

Alternatives to Dentures

When you speak with Drs. Tracey Nguyen, Steven Frames and the team at Lansdowne Dental Care about dentures versus implants, you will be able to better understand the overall appeal of the implant supported options. As an alternative to a full denture, the implant supported options (including bridges, crowns, or complete dentures) provide a more robust range of benefits.

They preserve the bite, support the overall health of the jaw and gums, give you a more permanent solution to missing teeth and improve the way you look, speak and eat. They are easier to maintain and use, as well.

Naturally, they do require the surgical implantation of the posts and the three to six month healing process – also known as osseointegration. Yet, when you can have a denture secured to the posts whether through a bar or locators, there is much less movement (and in most instances, none at all); standard dentures have a bit of movement whenever used to eat, and over time this rocking movement is substantial enough to warrant replacement. Additionally, the fit between a standard denture (full or partial) is not always complete and snug, and this can cause food to be trapped and the stability of the appliance to vary.

Lansdowne Dentures

Find Out if Dentures Are Right for You

While millions of people happily use dentures as a suitable and effective replacement for missing teeth, the hybrid solutions also available from Drs. Tracey Nguyen, Steven Frames and the team at Lansdowne Dental Care may be an even better option.

Start the process of improving the function, fitness and appearance of your smile today. Just get in touch using our contact form or by calling 703-723-7810, and our team can conduct an assessment of your oral health and help you choose between dentures or dental implant supported restorations instead.

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