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October 11, 2017

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Is there anything as uncomfortable and upsetting as a major toothache? It feels so outside of our control and is made even more difficult if it is the result of an infected tooth or even a damaged tooth. Often, severe pain indicates the need for endodontic treatment, such as the famous root canal therapy. This is done by a specially trained dentist, known as an endodontist. At Lansdowne Dental Care, we can provide root canals and dental hygiene tips and treatment to help you avoid them in the future.

Root Canal Therapy: What Is It?

It is helpful to understand just what root canal therapy does, and why it is such a beneficial option. We all know that our teeth can suffer from decay. This is when the enamel of the tooth is degraded by bacteria or other materials, and a cavity forms. Cavities can be quite mild and quickly treated without a lot of difficulty.

However, there are times when decay reaches far deeper into the tooth, including the innermost area known as the pulp. Here it begins to irritate the nerve and may even cause more severe symptoms, such as an abscess outside of the root of tooth and within the gum or jaw.

When a tooth is decayed to such an extent, there are only two options – a root canal or extraction. As all of the patients at Lansdowne Dental Care know, we always want to help our patients maintain optimal oral health. That means we’ll do whatever we can to help save an adult tooth, and it could be why we recommend root canal therapy.

How Root Canal Therapy is Performed

Before we explain how we perform a root canal treatment, we should address the issue of root canal fear. Many people will gladly get cleanings, exams and even fillings without a single worry, and yet the idea of a root canal sends some into a panic. There is no reason to fear this treatment. Not only is it no more demanding than some fillings, but it is done without any pain or discomfort for the patient.

The treatment uses anesthetic to numb the tooth and gum, and then our endodontist will remove all of the decay, as well as the pulp and nerve tissue affected by it. They then seal the interior of the tooth, building it back up and typically topping it with a crown.

Clearly, when explained like this, it is difficult to see why so many people fear or even dread root canal treatment. After all, it brings a swift and permanent end to major dental pain and saves an adult tooth that was at risk for loss or extraction. Root canal therapy helps to maintain your healthy bite, ensures you speak and chew like normal and allows a tooth to look entirely natural when treated.

Of course, Drs. Tracey Nguyen, Steven Frames and the team at Lansdowne Dental Care are always committed to patient comfort and satisfaction, and so we can offer an array of advanced technologies that make root canal treatment faster and much more comfortable than ever before.

For example, we can employ our laser dentistry tools that allow our doctors to perform most hard tissue procedures without the need for injections of anesthesia and without any pain or discomfort. We also use sedation dentistry for patients who experience dental anxiety. In fact, many patients require root canal therapy because their anxiety kept them away from the office; skipping regular cleanings and checkups and allowing decay to form and spread before treatment.

As we said a bit earlier, an endodontist is a specialist who emphasizes saving the teeth. They focus on the interiors of the teeth, and have access to special skills and techniques that all emphasize the preservation of adult teeth. This is true whether the tooth has been injured and broken or is struggling because of decay and infection. They are also trained to place dental implants if a root canal is unable to save the tooth and it must be extracted.

Lansdowne Root Canal Therapy

What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy

So, what can you expect from Drs. Tracey Nguyen, Steven Frames and the team at Lansdowne Dental Care during your root canal? It all has to begin with an assessment of the situation. We can take you as an emergency patient if you are suffering dental trauma or extreme pain, and we will have to do an oral exam and use our advanced imaging options to get a clear idea of the overall condition of the tooth and the surrounding jaw and gum.

The endodontist then makes a determination as just how to proceed. If you are to have a root canal, we prepare you in almost exactly the same way that we would for a filling. We have advanced water laser treatments that do not require anesthesia, but we can also offer traditional numbing agents and sedation dentistry options, too.

After that, the Dr. Nguyen or Frames will remove the infected material and treat the tooth. Should you require a new dental crown, we also use our advanced equipment to ensure a new crown is made that looks and performs just as the original tooth did. Fitting the crown will necessitate a return visit, and at that time we ensure that the root canal was a success and that your tooth will remain healthy and pain free for decades to come.

After care is the same as traditional care for your teeth and gums. Daily flossing and cleaning with periodic exams and professional cleanings are all that is required.

Speak with an Endodontist in Lansdowne

If reading this has encouraged you to get your dental issues addressed, please just get in touch via our contact form or by phoning 703-723-7810. We can book your visit and help you restore your teeth and gums to the healthiest levels possible.

Lansdowne Endodontist
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