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Sleep Apnea Treatment Ashburn

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Sleep Apnea Treatment Ashburn

A successful sleep apnea treatment can help you drastically reduce the side effects of this dizzying condition. If you are looking for a proper airway treatment, our professional dentists at Lansdowne Dental Care in Ashburn are here to take care of you.

A diagnosis of sleep apnea can come in many forms. The more you suffer from breathing problems during sleep, the likelier you are to have sleep apnea. Our leading dentist, Dr. Tracey Nguyen, has developed proper solutions to combat this condition and provide curative treatment. She is one of the top women in dentistry and a leading figure on many dental academic platforms.

At Lansdowne Dental Care, we use high tech services and equipment to provide the most accurate and successful treatments possible. While sleep apnea can often go undetected, we don’t want you to suffer through it your whole life. You can give us a visit to rest assured that your symptoms will be properly treated.

How Sleep Apnea Works

Sleep apnea, or obstructive sleep apnea, is a condition that blocks your airways from functioning properly. This most commonly occurs during the night, when you are sleeping. Your airways may cause you to go for short periods without breathing, or to experience shallow breaths.

You may not notice these symptoms occurring, as they will happen while you are unconscious and asleep. However, you will certainly feel the effects of it on the next day. Your body will feel fatigued, and you will feel tired, irritable, and unable to concentrate on the daily tasks ahead.

The most common and showing symptom of sleep apnea, of course, is loud and constant snoring. You may be annoyed by the way your partner sleeps at night, with their snores preventing you from a peaceful rest. But this may very well be a warning sign. Sleep apnea can do serious damage to the body, and is dangerous to live with it untreated. Come and visit us at Lansdowne Dental Care to have your symptoms properly looked at.

Why Sleep Apnea Happens

How does sleep apnea occur? Is it something you are born with? Or, does it develop over time?

In truth, there are several reasons why you or a loved one may be experiencing sleep apnea. It is a condition that one is rarely born with, unless it happens to be the less common form of sleep apnea known as central sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea can be apparent at birth, as it is a disorder in which the brain does not properly send signals to the breathing muscles.

However, with obstructive sleep apnea, there are a variety of reasons why it may occur. Being over the age of 50, or being a heavy smoker, can induce sleep apnea symptoms. If you are experiencing high anxiety or if you are overweight, you may be more likely to contract this condition as well.

Obstructive sleep apnea takes a major toll on your physical, emotional, and physiological well-being. The longer the symptoms persist, the more difficult it may be for you to stay awake and focused. Dr. Tracey Nguyen and her friendly team of professionals are equipped with the best assessments, tools, and treatments to take care of patients with airway issues, no matter how young or old.

Signs You Have Sleep Apnea

If you are worried that you may display several symptoms of this condition, our Lansdowne Dental Care staff members have a list of sleep apnea signs that you can compare yourself to. If you or someone you know may be following a pattern in line with these symptoms, it’s important to contact us right away.

Here are several of the most common and likely symptoms of sleep apnea:

  • Constant and loud snoring
  • Dizziness throughout the day and night
  • Pauses in breathing or shallow breathing
  • Excessive chest pain
  • A low testosterone count
  • Slight or faint memory loss
  • Morning headaches
  • Anxiety or depression (or both)
  • High blood pressure and excessive weight gain
  • The inability to sleep peacefully
  • Frequent bathroom visits
  • The inability to concentrate or stay focused on daily tasks
  • Increased irritability
  • Constant grogginess and fatigue

As soon as any of these symptoms begin to be apparent in your or your loved one’s life, it is essential to get this condition treated. Living with untreated sleep apnea can lead to serious medical, dental, and airway-related hazards.

Fortunately, our Ashburn dentists have the tools to help. We can provide you with the resources and knowledge to not only receive our professional treatments, but to practice different lifestyle treatments at home as well.

Is Sleep Apnea Curable?

Fortunately, most cases of sleep apnea are completely treatable. While everyone experiences different levels of severity with the condition, most of its common symptoms and signs can be treated over time. Our Lansdowne Dental Care dentists will likely prescribe sleep apnea medication, and the use of a sleep apnea mask at home. This is a simple breathing apparatus that you wear at night, which reduced the sounds of snoring and keeps your airways nice and open throughout the duration of your sleep.

These curative treatments will help your sleeping patterns to be more restful, regular, and longer-lasting.

Aside from the care you can receive in our office, Dr. Tracey Nguyen and her talented staff members will also suggest several treatments to employ at home as well. Here is an example of what a sleep apnea patient can do to reduce the effects of the condition at home:

  • Participate in proper nutrition and a weight loss routine.
  • Plan for more regulatory sleep.
  • Quit smoking cigarettes.
  • Go for regular walks to stimulate oxygen flow, helping to keep airways open.
  • Try sleeping on your side, rather than your back.
  • Keep your head propped up when you sleep, which will reduce snoring and keep your airways open throughout the night.

Using several of these simple lifestyle and sleep changes can drastically reduce the effects of your sleep apnea. Although symptoms show up differently in each individual, our Ashburn team is confident that we can find a treatment that works best for your needs.

Visit Us for Sleep Apnea Treatment!

If you think you may have sleep apnea, and you want to learn more about the symptoms, side effects, and treatments, our Lansdowne Dental Care professionals in Ashburn are here to help. You can contact us at any time by visiting our website, or by giving us a call at (703) 723-7810. We look forward to treating you!

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