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Finding a healthcare provider for your child is easier than finding a pediatric dentist. Children’s dentistry is completely dedicated to providing the best oral health for infants and children all the way through their teen years. It’s incredibly important to find the best dentist for your family that has experience with patients of all age ranges. It can make a child feel incredibly uncomfortable if the dentist hasn’t had enough child experience to treat on patients, therefore, the child may experience anxiety or unneeded pain during the visit. Caring for a child’s oral health requires qualifications and experience dedicated to child’s gums, mouth, teeth, and jaw.

What to Expect at Your Child's First Dental Visit

One of the most asked questions that new parents have is when they should take their child for their first dental visit? Dental professionals almost always recommend bringing in a child around his or her first birthday. However, if the child has pain before this age range, you should bring in the child for a checkup to see if their teeth are growing with issues and can be affecting their pain level.

When you bring your child in for their first dental visit, the dentist will be sure first to make the child feel comfortable by making him or her laugh to ease their anxiety or stress that they may be having. Once the child is comfortable, the dentist will be able to evaluate the child’s development in the mouth. The dentist may do this by pressing onto the gums gently to feel for anything that may seem unordinary or to see if there is a pain in the child’s mouth. During this evaluation, the dentist will also walk the parents through some helpful home care tips that will allow new teeth to grow in healthy and prevent any issues. The dentist may also speak to parents about any habits that may be causing harm to the child’s dental developments. As they say, the best dentistry always starts at home! It’s important to teach children from a very young age that good oral health is just as important as any other health factor.

Check out the list below of essential information about your child’s first dental examination. You can always call the pediatric dentist prior to the appointment to ensure you as a parent are thoroughly informed about what may happen during the first visit.

  1. The dentist will evaluate your child’s gums and soft tissue surrounding to ensure all oral development is healthy.
  2. The child will also be assessed for their risk of decay or bacteria.
  3. Your child will be asked to bite down so that the pediatric dentist can evaluate the bite and the dental growth.
  4. A Pediatric dentist can also tell if there are negative signs of poor nutrition at home. The dental professional will always provide suggestions about what may or may not be healthy for your child’s oral health.

Once all of the important checks are finished, the dentist will also take the necessary x-rays of your child’s mouth to ensure that there aren’t any issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The dentist can also clean your child’s teeth if there are any present, or at least do a soft cleansing of the child’s tongue and cheeks. The pediatric dentist will educate your child about healthy food choices that could benefit the growth of their healthy strong teeth. The dentist will also go through the motion and teach the child the proper way to brush their teeth and floss as well. The dental professional wants to be sure that every measure is taken to prevent any sort of dental issues in future. With repetition and what gets taught at home.

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First Dental Visit Tips for You and Your Child

It’s no secret that many adult patients have anxieties or stress about visiting their own dentist. These sorts of anxieties can subconsciously be conveyed to the child, if not dealt with correctly. There are some great ways to avoid any sort of anxiety or stress that can help the parents plan for the first dental visit.

As many parents know, children don’t have a realistic sense of time. Therefore we recommend telling your child they are visiting the dentist on the day of the appointment. It is a great way to introduce this appointments as a new adventure in which their favorite toy can also come with them. It is absolutely unnecessary to use any sort of negative verbiage pointed towards dentistry, example, drill or needle. It is recommended to have your child bringing their favorite blanket or toy just in case the anxiety does kick in at a later time. Most pediatric dentists will also check a stuffed animals teeth as well in order to make the experience a bit more calming and fun. Parents are always welcome to have the child sit on their laps in order to ease any sort of anxiety that may arise. Pediatric dentists will always speak to the child in an age-appropriate manner to ensure the child feels content and safe.

It is important to find the perfect pediatric dentist for you and your family. When looking for the perfect dentist for your child, be sure to look at the experience within each potential candidate as this may be the most important factor. In addition to the experience, the education of the dentist is also majorly important. This doesn’t necessarily mean finding a dentist who attended an Ivy League university.

However, you should see a dentist who continues to update their education at least every few years. The dental industry grows every year, and all dentist should be updating their knowledge to stay up-to-date on new technology and new procedure advances and industry. As far as price goes, almost all health insurers will insure a child that is younger than 12 years old. Finding the best dental care for your child can ensure that their dental oral health and development will be healthy and strong for not only the primary teeth also as a foundation for one the adult teeth start growing in at a later time.

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