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The world of dentistry continues to update and upgrade each form technology along with the procedures involved. Dentists know more now than they have ever known when it comes to preparing issues in the mouth for functionality, health, and aesthetics. In the past, dentists were only visited only one there was an issue involved with someone’s mouth or teeth. This meant that the dentist back then we’re only needed as post care to repair on issues that had already become quite bad. In today’s time, it is recommended to visit your dental professional every six months in order to prevent these issues so that a larger procedure doesn’t need to be performed at a later date. The dentist is now considered a preventative healthcare oral doctor as he or she can easily tell if an issue will start to arise before it actually does.

Aside from the health benefits, a cosmetic dentist can perform a number of procedures to give you the exact look that you have been dreaming about aesthetically. In the past, if the tooth goes missing the dentist will usually just replace it simply without necessarily looking at shape, size, or even color to match the rest of your teeth. Digital smile design is the modern way of performing a multipurpose conceptual protocol that provides a number of remarkable advantages than that of the previous ways.

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What is Digital Smile Design?

1. Improves the diagnostic abilities for an aesthetic restoration and structural evaluation of not only your teeth but also the look and shape of your whole mouth, your eyes, nose, your overall face! A DSD dentist looks at the bigger picture when it comes to aesthetically revamping your smile.

2. Improves communication between all team members involved in the restoration to ensure a perfect a visual representation of the smile. This also involves educating the patients and answering any questions that he or she may have during this journey.

3. Improve the effectiveness of every restoration that mimics the exact luck from the predicted outcome with digital technology.

The whole point of a digital smile design dentist is to feel confident knowing that your teeth will look aesthetically pleasing not only in your mouth but will also complement the features on your face as well. The restorative enhancement process of your teeth will be designed by a number of tailored treatments that will customize the procedures to your specific smile. A DSD dentist looks at your smile as a canvas and will recommend a step-by- step treatment process combined with the patient’s desires and emotional needs to achieve the perfect look. A DSD dentist wants to create a smile that is natural, beautiful, and confident.

In the past, a dental lab would have created teeth without considering the size, shape, or color of where they might fit. There were no design aspects involved in replacing a tooth many years ago. This is why some patients have different sizes of teeth along with different shades of colors. These types of smiles were created with the no design involved, and therefore the teeth don’t look consistent.

The digital smile design dentist will look at the whole picture involved. This includes looking at the mouth structure, the job, the lips, nose, the eyes… well, the whole face! A DSD dentist will recommend recording a video of yourself about how you want your smile to look, this way the dentist can capture your personality and can see how your teeth look as well as think of ways of how they can look. From this, the dentist will create the ideal look of your teeth and smile that is perfect for your face.

The best part about having a digital smile design curated? The patient gets to see what they look like before any procedures take place! This means you will see a digital creation of your smile as well as how your smile will look in comparison to all of the features on your face. During this consultation, you can express any comments or concerns you may have before any treatment has begun. The dentist will also provide you a specific cost breakdown so that you, as the patient will know exactly how much this treatment will cost, with no surprises.

A digital smile design is usually created with multiple procedures involved to give you the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of. This form of dentistry may not be the best for someone who simply needs to replace one tooth but rather for a patient who has multiple issues with their teeth such as discoloration, separated teeth, chipped teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth, and much more.

This process will give you a completely new and stunning smile that will match your facial features perfectly. A DSD smile will expand your expectations and perfectly tailor each and every procedure and treatment along with every step along the way, to your custom smile design. Besides, everyone has a different smile and different teeth, so why should we treat them the same? It’s time to open your eyes and look into the world of digital smile design to see just how these dentists can curate and create a custom treatment plan that can take your smile to stunning new heights.

The whole concept of digital smile design is based on the analysis of every single patient’s facial features and dental proportions. It’s important to use every single feature involved in order to come up with a custom smile that matches the face to give the patients a warm and bright new smile. A DSD dentist will look at the relationship between your teeth to your facial features to your gums and everything else in between; this also includes how the person talks and how the patient shows emotion. The digital drawings before the procedure are carefully created so that the patient has an exact idea of what their smile will look like in comparison to their whole face.

The achievement of this type of aesthetic and functionality will always depend on who the dentist is and how well their team can communicate together to ensure a smile the patients longs for! Find the right dentist for you and talk about how digital smile design could be the best route for you.