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Forty miles northwest from Washington DC, on the Potomac River, you will find historic Leesburg, Virginia. With a population  today of just over 52,000 residents it has some terrific history. Let’s turn the pages back in time for a second and see what we can find.


The area of Leesburg saw hundreds of years of Native American settlements prior to the Europeans. It also was on a popular and well used path along the river called the Old Carolina Road. The area saw skirmishes between Indian tribes long before they were displaced. European settlement started in the area of Leesburg in the late 1730s. This was with the establishment of large farms and plantations. Many towns and cities in our United States saw there beginnings around a train depot, or post office, or general store. Leesburg started with a tavern being built at the intersection of the Old Carolina Road and the Potomac Ridge Road in the year 1755. A year later the British Colonial Council ordered a county Courthouse to be built at the crossroads as well making Leesburg the county seat for Loudoun County. In 1758 the town was officially founded and named after Thomas Lee. The post office finally made it in 1803. Leesburg played a vital role during the War of 1812 with the British. Many valuable items were moved from Washington DC as a temporary haven. Those included our Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution! Throughout the Civil War the town changed hands numerous times between both armies. Today the entire downtown is on the National Register of Historic Places as one of the best preserved and most picturesque downtowns in the state. You’ll enjoy the brick sidewalks. In fact, there are 21 individual entries on the Register and another 63 historical markers located around the city. What makes the small city unique today is the fact that the local airport is the backup to Dulles International in Washington DC. There are over 250 aircraft that call Leesburg home and the airport will see 20 to 30 jet operations daily. The airport, built in 1963, was originally funded by Arthur Godfrey. Every Sunday evening he would fly from his Beacon Hill farm outside of Leesburg to the studios in New York City to do his radio and television shows. His DC-3 was so noisy he felt obligated to relocate the airfield. He did many other things for the community that the city benefited from. The population stayed pretty static from the Civil War to after World War II at only about 1,700. Then the population exploded and the community needed to pull together to accommodate expansion while maintaining, preserving and restoring the historical character. Today the city has numerous city parks, regional parks honoring battlefields, a natural sanctuary, bluffs that overlook the Potomac and the city, historical sites and a network of biking trails. You can ride the 45 mile long paved Washington and Old Dominion Trail into Washington DC if you wish. Outside of municipal employees and those in education, the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, does employ over 1,000 workers in Leesburg. Two other major employers are a Research and Development firm, K2M, and a consulting firm called Master Services. Most residents, many of whom are commuters into our nation’s capital, enjoy a terrific blend of the old and the new. Leesburg is a terrific destination to enjoy our nation’s history.


This planned community is only six miles southeast of Leesburg on the Potomac River. With only about 12,000 residents it has three primary homeowners’ associations keeping the 3,600 homes all on the same page when it comes to municipal mandates. You’ll find a luxurious gated, high rise, age restricted community also in the Lansdowne Woods of Virginia. Remember, we are close to Washington DC. In fact, making Lansdowne a destination are two gems. First is the Golf Club at Lansdowne. One of the most prestigious private clubs in the entire Mid-Atlantic region is features 45 holes of Robert Trent Jones and Greg Norman golf, five pools in the aquatic center and a huge clubhouse with a fabulous restaurant and pub. The three golf courses are showcases of the master designers creatively incorporating the elements of the Virginia countryside. You’ll play memorable rounds through fields, woodlands, stone outcroppings and century old walls. The second destination is the Lansdowne Resort and Spa. With a riverside setting it embraces the wine country of the area, honors the history it is built on and offers authentic experiences for families, groups, conferences, weddings and simply getaways. In fact, you’ll find many other very fine restaurants in the Lansdowne area. There are apartments for rent also, its not strictly a gated planned community. Lansdowne also has the Inova Loudoun Hospital, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and the Prison Fellowship. The Potomac Heritage Trail, a trail that runs 710 miles long through Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia, runs right through Lansdowne.


This city sits directly between Leesburg and Washington DC, 20 miles in either direction. The population today is just shy of 60,000 residents. Founded in 1964 it was conceived as a planned community. Although lacking in history it makes up for in the internationally known concept of suburban land use and development. Only last year it was ranked as the 29th Best Places to Live in America by Money magazine. The architects incorporated higher density housing to conserve green space and controlled mixed use areas for business, industry, recreation, education and of course, housing. Reston has received visits from the First Lady and several renowned astronauts observing its design. It too sees a lot of commuters heading into the capital for employment.


With a population of over 12,500 residents this planned community had its beginning in the 1990s. Only nine miles due south of Leesburg the 1,500 acres incorporates wetlands to combine active lifestyles and modern living with a truly natural environment. The area is certified by the National Wildlife Federation. Broadlands is also only nine miles to Washington Dulles International Airport.


This community of over 43,000 residents sits eight miles southeast of Leesburg. Many of the residents commute to Washington DC, Reston or work in the Dulles Technology Corridor. You will find many high-tech businesses and government contractors in Ashburn. The city does date back into the 1800s when it started as a summer home for a John Janney who almost became a Vice President of the United


Another community located in the Dulles Corridor, Sterling sits 12 miles to Leesburg and only about 20 miles from Washington DC. This city of roughly 30,000 residents saw its origination back in 1962 when the Broyhill Corporation bought 1,700 acres with the intent of putting together a prefabricated homes market. The home owners would have access to a golf course, tennis courts and swimming pools without membership fees. Today Sterling is home to the National Weather Service Office and was the home to the former AOL headquarters.


This community of 24,000 residents has history dating back to 1858. It was home to many Union soldiers and developed into a hub for dairy farming and vacationers from the Washington DC area. Herndon is another city in the Dulles Corridor supporting the industry of high-tech. It is 18 miles from Leesburg and 20 miles from Washington DC.

South Riding

Located just to the southwest of Dulles International Airport and 20 miles south of Leesburg, South Riding is home to more than 25,000 residents. The home in South Riding average between $500,000 and $625,000 and the mission statement and vision for this community focuses on promoting health, safety, welfare and the interests of its residents while preserving property values. The city prides itself in its natural beauty, outstanding community events and the community spirit it generates.


This city is the home of the Civil War battle in 1862 called the Battle of Chantilly. Stonewall Jackson crossed Bull Run to strike the Union Army in the rear. The Union troops withdrew to the defenses of Washington at the time. Today the battlefield is mostly residential and commercial developments. Named after the Chantilly Plantation from 1816 the original stone house still remains. Today Chantilly is home to over 23,000 residents and is 20 miles south of Leesburg.

Wolf Trap

With a population of over 16,000 residents Wolf Trap is 25 miles south of Leesburg and on the edge of Washington DC. Wolf Trap is known for the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, a 117 acre tract featuring both natural and cultural resources. Dating back to 1966 when the land was donated, today the venue has many popular recording artists performing at the Filene Center. The name actually dates back to 1739 and has remained. Acts booked this summer range from Steven Tyler to Harry Connick Jr. to Ziggy Marley to Alanis Morissette to numerous symphony and opera acts. A very diverse schedule to entertain a diverse audience. How about a James Bond movie, Casino Royale, presented by the National Symphony Orchestra!

Great Falls

Primarily a bedroom community for Washington DC this city does have one major attraction, that being the Great Falls Park. Overlooking the falls and the Potomac River the area at one time had a canal that was originally constructed by George Washington. With a population of around 16,000 residents the community is 18 miles southeast of Leesburg on the banks of the Potomac. The park is a very popular destination to hike and bike its beautiful trails, to kayak and fish the scenic river, to visit and explore numerous historical sites and to enjoy a relaxing meal at one of the many diners and restaurants.


This village dates back to 1765 when two brothers established a mill at the crossroads of two major paths. When the roads were improved in 1809 they purchased 30 acres and developed their village. They named it Aldie after the Scottish Castle, honoring their heritage. Through the years Aldie found itself right in the middle of the Civil War where there was the Battle of Aldie immediately to the west and northwest. Its most famous resident through the years has been President James Monroe who had a private residence in town. Aldie, with a population of around 12,000 residents, has been one of the fastest growing zip codes in Virginia. It is 13 miles south of Leesburg and about 35 miles due west of Washington DC, making it a nice bedroom community for the capital.

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