Award Winning Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry or otherwise known as cosmetic dentistry is a certain form dental treatment that is used to aesthetically enhance a patient’s teeth as well as their functionality. If you find yourself dreaming of what life could be like with a stunning smile, then perhaps looking into restorative dentistry may be your answer. Although this form of dentistry is not necessarily recognized as a specialty in the world of dentistry, in theory, any general dentist can perform cosmetic procedures listed below.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should trust your family dentist with every single procedure in restorative dentistry! Performing your own research will be beneficial to your oral health and their aesthetics.

There are many details you should focus on one finding the right dentist for your cosmetic procedure. We’re excited to go over some tips to help you narrow down the best dentist for you as well as the best procedure to help prepare the issues you may have with your teeth.

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How to Find the Best Restorative Dentist for You

As mentioned above, cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty that is recognized by the American Dental Association. Because of this reason, you should be wary of who you decide could perform the procedures to aesthetically upgrade your smile. Check out the steps below to help you hone in on finding the best cosmetic dentist for you.


When you look at the education of possible dentist’s for your restorative needs, this doesn’t necessarily mean look for a dentist who went to an Ivy League school. Although that form of education might be nice, what we are looking for here is extended education after general dentistry. If the dentist wants to specialize in restorative dentistry, he or she must attend more schooling in order to receive a certificate that proves they’ve had for their education in these procedures.

In addition to this, you also want to find a dentist who continues his or her education years after their degree. The dental industry is ever changing and growing. Therefore, every dentist should maintain their education by staying up to date on all of the new advances both technologically and in procedures. You can always ask your dentist or a potential dental office for this proof before deciding on whether or not to choose a specific dentist.


Although it may seem tempting to opt for a dentist whose price is in the low range, it may not be the smartest choice. However, you must also take into account the number of years the dentist has had in this particular industry. Be sure to ask your potential restorative dentist for before & afters of patients and which he or she performed restorative services. The dentist should always have proof of his or her work as it is the only form of portfolio a dental professional has. When looking for a dentist for your specific needs, look for a dentist that has at least 10 to 15 years of experience in the cosmetic dentistry.


A great way to hone in your results and search for the perfect cosmetic dentist is by asking for recommendations from a family member or a trusted friend. A recommendation can be a great way to skip a few steps while knowing that someone you trust has already tried the services of the specific restorative dentist. Again, it’s still beneficial to ensure the experience and education of dentist for deciding to take the big leap.

If you do not have any recommendations for a dentist, and you can find your own recommendations from strangers using the internet by reading reviews! Reading reviews online for a restorative dentist is a great way to eliminate dentists with lots of negative reviews. There are many ways to find reviews online using tons of different platforms. Yelp is a great platform to read the reviews as well as check price points on certain dentists in your area.

You can always visit the dentist’s personal website and check up on reviews that have been left by previous clients as well. Sometimes, if the price point is a bit too high, but the reviews are perfect along with great experience, and education, you get what you pay for and that just might be great quality!


One of the greatest faults that a patient has is by opting for a dentist that has the lowest price range. It can be extremely tempting to opt for a dentist’s price range that fits in your budget. We know that there are other things that must be paid for as well, so it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option. However, if you only focus on the price, you may need to eliminate one or more of the listings above in order to get the price point you want. It is never recommended to choose a dentist solely based on his or her price range.

Remember, this is an investment that can last you many years. And if the job is done without great quality, you may need to shell out more money a few years later to redo the job that a cheap dentist had done before. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to break the bank when choosing a good restorative dentist. Finding a great middle-ground along with finding a dentist that has most of the points listed above, can be a great way to find the perfect restorative dentist for you.

Office and staff:

If you think you found the perfect dentist or have at least narrowed it down to two or three dentists, you can always schedule a consultation with the dentist as an interview process. When a patient enters a dental office, he or she can immediately tell if they feel comfortable in the office just by viewing the aesthetics and by meeting the front staff. In order to fully decide on a dentist, scheduling a consultation can be a great way to chat with the dentist before any procedure has been done. Besides, if the dentist is rude to you at any moment, I can be a great way to decide right and then and there to eliminate the
dentist from the list. Finding the right dentist is the first major step in ensuring a great procedure!