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A Dental Bridge Replaces Missing Teeth

Are you looking to fix missing teeth? Do you want to learn more about the restorative dentistry procedures available in Leesburg? Our professionals at Lansdowne Dental Care offer the best service in the area. We recommend dental bridges to anyone who is suffering from cracked, broken, or chipped teeth throughout the mouth.

You can meet one-on-one with Dr. Tracey Nguyen, who is one of the highest-rated dental professionals in the nation. She has been qualified through the Graduate Kois Center and is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry. She believes that dental bridges are the perfect solution to your restorative dentistry needs.

If you are unable to eat or chew due to the damages in your mouth, you may be opening yourself up to further health hazards. Investing in dental bridges can not only restore your mouth to a natural and comfortable feel, but can provide many health benefits as well. Our friendly team at Lansdowne Dental can assist you in making the right choice for your mouth.

How To Clean Your Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are part of our advanced same-day-dentistry plans. Dr. Tracey Nguyen can make a fast and accurate digital impression of your mouth using a 3D printing technology. From there, the bridges will be created out of a combined porcelain and mixed material, which are then bonded to your teeth.

It won’t be long before the dental bridges feel like a natural addition to your mouth. You will be able to function properly, making eating and smiling a breeze. While they are great and natural-looking alternatives to natural teeth, they should not be ignored come cleaning time.

Cleaning your dental bridges is a simple but important process. It is necessary to maintain your dental bridges to ensure that they last a long time and do not cause any sanitary issues in your mouth.

Think of your bridge the same way you would think of your natural, permanent teeth. They must be cleaned and flossed thoroughly, using a brush and dental floss. Make sure to get in between the gaps of the bridges as well, as food particles and other buildup can get stuck there. Just like with the rest of your mouth, it is important to brush at least twice a day using a dentist-approved fluoride toothpaste.

Dental Bridges Can Be Replaced

Dental Bridges are not permanent, but they can last quite a long time. On average, you can expect your bridges to last around 15 years. However, this can vary from person to person, as some oral health issues are more severe than others.

Dr. Tracey Nguyen designs dental bridges to be as long-lasting as possible, which can give you better peace of mind in your restorative dentistry choices. If you employ proper dental bridges maintenance, you will help prolong the bridge’s functionality.

After your bridges begin to show signs of wear, they may slip around in your mouth. They will eventually need to be replaced. Fortunately, there are several ways to repair a dental bridge. In the case of major damage, the bridges can be removed and replaced. This process requires the bonding cement to be broken, which breaks the bridge altogether. Your dentist will then re-apply the process to give you a new dental bridge.

In some cases, the bridge can be repaired without needing to be completely replaced. If the surface of the bridge becomes chipped, fractured, or broken, especially on the porcelain surface, our Leesburg professionals can simply repair it. The bridge itself will still remain intact, meaning a less complicated and expensive procedure on your end.
The ability to repair or replace the dental bridge depends on the way it was damaged or broken. You can speak with Dr. Tracey Nguyen directly to discover more options regarding dental bridge care.

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Dental Bridges Look Natural

Most dental bridges are natural-looking alternatives to real teeth. Furthermore, Dr. Tracey Nguyen uses a E4D Dentist System, which is an advanced printing software that creates natural bridges on the spot. You can be treated in a single office visit, from consultation to bridges application.

The digital impressions will mold to the shape of your teeth, and are colored using tooth-colored porcelain. Then, the bridges will be sealed and cemented to your mouth using a heat bonding procedure. At Lansdowne Dental Care, we want you to achieve the perfect smile. In order to enhance your health and your looks, we guarantee that all of our restorative dentistry procedures look and feel as natural as possible.

Our dental bridges printing and application process is clinically proven to be successful and natural. You will receive individual care, and your case will be treated specially by our advanced dentists. At Lansdowne Dental Care, you are not just a patient, but a person with individual needs. Dental bridges can be a great way to restore functionality and health to your mouth.

Dental Bridges are Safe

Dental bridges are not a complicated procedure, and they can be easily installed in one in-office session. Colgate defines dental bridges as a safe and affordable procedure. There are rarely complications during the application process. If you are concerned about the risk of complications or pain with your dental bridges, you can contact our Leesburg professionals for a follow-up appointment.

Dental bridges are a great way to replace your missing teeth. You can rely on the quick process and affordability of the procedure, combined with Dr. Tracey Nguyen’s expertise in the restorative dentistry industry.

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Meet Dr. Tracey Nguyen

Dr. Tracey Nguyen received her Doctor of Dental Surgery, Magna cum laude, at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Nguyen is trained in all phases of implant dentistry, and has received extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. She is also a manuscript/review editor for the Academy of General Dentistry.

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