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Dental Lasers

The Waterlase YSGG is a patented laser energized water device that can perform most hard tissue procedures such as cavity preparations, root canal therapy, and crown lengthening. This laser solution is so precise and effective that most hard tissue procedures are performed without anesthesia.

The Waterlase laser can also perform dozens of soft tissue procedures including frenectomy, gingivectomy, lesion removals for biopsy and other periodontal therapy. This breakthrough technology is typically performed without the need for drills or shots for a comfortable and relaxing dental visit.

Laser dentistry does not cause heat or vibrations in the mouth, easing the anxiety of patients who have a distaste for the sounds and smells caused by traditional dental tools. The Waterlase makes a gentle “tapping” noise during procedures, and uses a cool water spray to cut teeth without generating heat. Conventional drills and lasers can overheat teeth during procedures, causing discomfort and damage to the soft tissue or pulp underneath.

If you’re ready for a pain-free dental visit, choose laser dentistry today!


Lansdowne Dental Care is proud to now offer CEREC technology. With the CEREC, you will no longer need multiple appointments to complete your restorations. This is the latest in dental technology that allows patients to spend less time in the chair. A benefit of having a CEREC in office is that it eliminates any need for gooey impressions. Once your dentist has completed your restorative procedure, whether it is a root canal, filling, or perhaps removing part of your enamel for veeners, they then take digital impressions using the CEREC.

Once the impressions are taken, the CEREC mills together your natural looking restoration in the office. The restoration is made of ceramic materials and is colored to match your surrounding teeth exactly so nobody will know it’s there but you. Within minutes, your restoration is made and your dentist can permanently install it. This prevents patients from wearing uncomfortable temporary restorations. Patients can now leave our office the same day as their procedure with a permanent restoration. Lansdowne Dental Care wants patients to have the best experience possible and is making that possible by providing patients with same-day restorations using the CEREC.

CT Cone Beam

In addition to our other high tech dental technology, we are also happy to provide our patients with a CT cone beam at our Lansdowne dental office. A computed tomography (CT) is an x-ray machine used when regular x-rays are not sufficient enough. The radiation is significantly more than traditional x-rays so dentists only use this machine to x-ray when necessary. This dental technology provides a 3D image of dental structures, nerve paths, soft tissues and bone in the craniofacial area in one single scan. This allows your dentist to give more precise treatment planning.

The most common reasons your dentist may require a CT cone beam scan would be for surgical planning of impacted teeth, diagnosing TMJ, more precise placement of dental implants, to evaluate sinuses, the jaw, nasal cavity or nerve canals. In addition, it can be used for analyzing tooth orientation and bone structure. It can also be used for detecting, measuring and planning treatment for tumors or planning for reconstructive surgery. If you dentist is requiring a CT scan, it will help them plan a more effective treatment which can save you from complications or additional treatments in the future.

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Dr. Tracey Nguyen received her Doctor of Dental Surgery, Magna cum laude, at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Nguyen is trained in all phases of implant dentistry, and has received extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. She is also a manuscript/review editor for the Academy of General Dentistry.

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