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At Lansdowne Dental Care, we offer the latest in dental technology for your ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

Dental Lasers, the Painless Alternative

The Waterlase YSGG is a patented laser energized water device that can perform most hard tissue procedures such as cavity preparations, root canal therapy, and crown lengthening. This laser solution is so precise and effective that most hard tissue procedures are performed without anesthesia.

The Waterlase laser can also perform dozens of soft tissue procedures including frenectomy, gingivectomy, lesion removals for biopsy and other periodontal therapy. This breakthrough technology is typically performed without the need for drills or shots for a comfortable and relaxing dental visit.

Laser dentistry does not cause heat or vibrations in the mouth, easing the anxiety of patients who have a distaste for the sounds and smells caused by traditional dental tools. The Waterlase makes a gentle “tapping” noise during procedures, and uses a cool water spray to cut teeth without generating heat. Conventional drills and lasers can overheat teeth during procedures, causing discomfort and damage to the soft tissue or pulp underneath.

If you’re ready for a pain-free dental visit, choose laser dentistry today!

E4D Dentist™ System

Lansdowne Dental Care is proud to now offer the E4D Dentist™ system—Modern Dentistry that Fits Your Lifestyle. At Lansdowne Dental Care we believe in bringing the latest technology solutions our patients right here in Northern Virginia. The E4D Dentist system represents the latest in modern dental solutions and is clinically proven to enhance the precision and longevity of modern dental treatment options.

Now, instead of using traditional impression materials, Dr. Nguyen can obtain clean, fast, digital impressions in a few minutes using a laser scanner in your mouth. This laser scanning technology is extremely precise when “capturing” all of the details of a patient’s smile, but, best of all, there is no need for our patients to hold unpleasant, possibly distasteful material in their mouths.

Laser Cavity Detector- DIAGNOdent

More and more patients are understanding the value of healthy and attractive teeth. In order to maintain your beautiful smile, the earliest possible care is essential. At Lansdowne Dental Care we utilize DIAGNOdent, which aids in the detection of caries. Even very small lesions are detected at the earliest stage, allowing us to protect and preserve the tooth substance.

Digital Radiography (X-ray)

Our office uses the latest digital x-ray equipment, exposing patients to as little as one-tenth the amount of radiation of conventional x-rays.  Digital radiography does not use film and doesn’t require chemicals for development. Instead of film, smaller sensors are placed in the patient’s mouth, delivering an image to our computer screen after exposure in seconds. The computer generated images allow Dr. Nguyen and the patient to look at the images together, which can be enhanced and enlarged many times its actual size.

High tech dental services allow us to treat our patients with advanced comfort and safety. We strive to be at the forefront of modern dental technology to ensure that each and every patient receives the highest quality care available.

Planmeca ProMax® 3D Max

In order to bring you the very best dental care, Dr. Tracey Nguyen uses a revolutionary technology called the Planmeca ProMax® 3D Max. It’s a special type of x-ray equipment that can create a full 3D image of a single tooth, or even your entire skull. With this technology, dental diagnostics are easier and more effective than ever before.

Whether you require orthodontic treatment, implants, dental or maxillofacial surgery, or treatment for TMJ, the Planmeca ProMax® 3D Max system ensures an enhanced level of care, with a level of precision that can’t be equaled using traditional methods.

Planmeca ProMax® 3D Max is just one more way for Dr. Nguyen and her staff to bring you the outstanding dental care you deserve. Call us today at 703-723-7810 to book a consultation.

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